We’re relevant! Search engine launched at edgeio

Hot on the heels of our acquisition of Adaptive Real Estate Services we can today announce the initial roll out of edgeio’s relevance based search engine. This is the first step in our efforts to make edgeio.com the best place to find “stuff” anywhere in the world. By way of background, edgeio launched in March […]

New edgeio features to be launched tonight

Later tonight we will be releasing a new version of the edgeio web site. It has a number of new features that we are really excited about. The new site should go live sometime after midnight Pacific time. 1. The ability to post an item for sale directly onto the edgeio web site. No blog […]

First listings from China

The first edgeio listing from China was posted today. Here is a link to it: First edgeio listing from China Original Post Pretty soon there were several more: Anima Causa “适形椅” This is really exciting for us. edgeio was built to provide for bottoms up publishing from every town and city on the earth. To […]