edgeio assets sold to Looksmart and Vast.com

edgeio’s assets were sold in December 2007, partly to Looksmart (the live service; the patents; the code; the trademarks) and partly to Vast.com (the real-estate related services).

Please direct all inquiries to one of those companies.

This blog will remain in existence as a historical record of edgeio.

edgeio was an audacious effort to build a fully distributed classified advertising platform for the Internet. It allowed any web site to post classifieds whilst having them syndicated, through edgeio, to any other web site. Aggregation and Distribution are going to be key to may new applications which seek to provide the glue between publishers and readers. edgeio can serve as a model for developers and product designers who seek to build on its legacy.

For those interested in learning more I am happy to answer queries. You can find me at keith at teare dot com.

edgeio and HarvestINFO agree to partnership

HarvestINFO announced today that it has entered into an agreement with edgeio to distribute newspaper classified ads through the edgeio network. Here is the press release.


 Media Contact:
Ron Hutson, Vice President of Sales
HarvestINFO, Inc.
513.701.3000 ext. 276


edgeio and HarvestINFO partner to enable
wide distribution of newspaper classifieds.

edgeio and HarvestINFO provide wide ranging
distribution of classifieds and merchandise to
shoppers – driving traffic to local newspaper sites.

LOVELAND, OH, June 20, 2007
HarvestINFO and edgeio announced today that the
companies have partnered to enable broad
distribution of classifieds and merchandise
advertising across the edgeio network to enable
shoppers to find the products and services they
desire and drive traffic to local newspaper web
sites. The distribution arrangement enables
newspapers to gain greater visibility for their
advertisers and additional traffic to the online

Joe Rueth, CEO at HarvestINFO, states that
"HarvestINFO is proud to announce our partnership
with edgeio. We look forward to working with edgeio
to further promote our newspaper customers ability
to add value for their advertisers and drive
additional traffic to the local website."

Keith Teare, CEO at edgeio said, “Classified
listings belong where people read their content.
Today’s Internet has millions of sites where people
show up and read. By partnering with HarvestINFO,
together we can enable newspaper originated listings
to show up alongside relevant Internet content and
drive traffic to the newspaper’s web sites. We are
excited to be working with HarvestINFO”.

About HarvestINFO, Inc.
HarvestINFO, Inc. provides leading edge local
search, online shopping, and online advertising
technology solutions for hundreds of media clients,
representing 50 publishing groups, worldwide. Since
1996, HarvestINFO has delivered solutions that
enable media clients to strengthen their commitment
of service to local advertisers and consumers, and
compete in their local marketplace. For more
information on what HarvestINFO can do for your
local franchise, please visit


About edgeio

edgeio is a leader in online listings platforms. The
company’s vision is to provide an open platform that
enables listings providers, advertisers and other
content providers to interact with users across all
platforms. Products include edgedirect, edgeio.com
(and its Chinese sister site mulu100.com) and edgeio
marketplaces plus a rich set of APIs. edgeio is
based in Palo Alto, Calif. and was founded in 2005
by Keith Teare, the company’s chairman of the board
and chief executive officer, and Michael Arrington,
a member of edgeio’s board of directors. For more
information see

Gumiyo builds cell phone classifieds experience on edgeio Platform

Gumiyo (http://www.gumiyo.com) and edgeio announced today that the edgeio classified listings service is now available to cellular customers using a custom user interface built by Gumiyo and leveraging edgeio’s API’s.

Below is the full press release.

MobileCrunch Coverage here

edgeio Classifieds Listings Extended to Cell Phones Using the Gumiyo Platform

Download this press release as an Adobe PDF document.

Classifieds on-the-go merges the two fastest growing technology segments–online classifieds and mobile phones

Woodland Hills, CA (PRWEB) June 19, 2007 — Gumiyo and edgeio announced today their cooperation to bring online classifieds into the mobile space. Commencing with edgeio's extensive real estate section, Gumiyo will deliver listings to interested people on the go, making those listing accessible to mobile, online buyers. In seconds, buyers can review listings on their phones–photos and all–and connect directly with the sellers.

True to the company's tagline "Connecting Buyers and Sellers," Gumiyo gives edgeio sellers added methods, including text-messaging and web-activated telephony, that enable buyers to reach them directly from a mobile listing. Consequently, targeted listings are not only available to buyers anytime and anywhere, but sellers are available to those buyers anytime and anywhere. The result is the true goal of a classified listing–a connection between a buyer and a seller as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

edgeio is committed to innovation in the world of online classifieds, and has enabled a rich set of open APIs that we can use. This is a big reason why we've been syndicating Gumiyo listings to them since day one. Now, edgeio sellers can enter the mobile space with little to no effort.

"edgeio has built a significant classified listings platform. We have APIs for inbound and outbound traffic. Gumiyo is leveraging our APIs to deliver a compelling experience to sellers and buyers, across the mobile platform." Said edgeio CEO Keith Teare. "In the future it should be possible for Gumiyo to build mobile applications across all listings verticals, using MMS, SMS, WAP, Widgets and many other user interfaces."

"Our partnership with edgeio is very complementary and it makes perfect sense," says Shuki Lehavi, CEO and co-founder of Gumiyo. "edgeio is committed to innovation in the world of online classifieds, and has enabled a rich set of open APIs that we can use. This is a big reason why we've been syndicating Gumiyo listings to them since day one. Now, edgeio sellers can enter the mobile space with little to no effort."

About Edgeio

edgeio is a leader in online listings platforms. The company's vision is to provide an open platform that enables listings providers, advertisers and other content providers to interact with users across all platforms. Products include edgedirect, edgeio.com (and its Chinese sister site mulu100.com) and edgeio marketplaces plus a rich set of APIs. edgeio is based in Palo Alto, Calif. and was founded in 2005 by Keith Teare, the company's chairman of the board and chief executive officer, and Michael Arrington, a member of edgeio's board of directors. For more information see http://www.edgeio.com/

About Gumiyo

Gumiyo connects buyers and sellers by extending the traditional online marketplace to mobile phones. Always on and always connected, Gumiyo provides a marketplace that links buyers and sellers in real-time who connect, communicate, and complete the deal.

Founded by Shuki Lehavi and Rich Abronson in Woodland Hills, CA, Gumiyo is committed to revolutionizing the mobile consumer-to-consumer commerce experience. For more information please visit http://www.gumiyo.com/


Release here
Gumiyo Blog Post here

AdStar and edgeio Partner to Broaden Classified Advertising Opportunities for Advertisers and Newspapers


Adstar announced today that they are partnering with edgeio to extend our marketplaces platform to address more than 100 of the largest newspapers in the US.

The partnership will go live during Q2 2007.

The impact of the deal will be that anybody listing in an edgeio classified board anywhere on the Internet will be able additionally list on a print newspaper in their area.

Adstar will provide all of the billing and pricing management for the listings.

We hope this is the start of a significant partnership with the team at Adstar.

Series A financing, China web site and Patent filing

This is the text of a press release we are issuing today (Tuesday 24th October 2006)

Menlo Park, California: October 24th 2006

edgeio corporation announces Series A financing, Chinese web site and Patent filing.

edgeio corporation, a leader in online listings announced today that it has raised $5 million in the first close of a Series A round of financing. The round was led by Intel Capital and also included an investment from Transcosmos Investments and Business Development Inc, a Japanese public company with a Silicon Valley investment arm focused on Internet-based U.S. technology companies expanding into the Japanese marketplace. Investors in the company’s angel funding had their investment converted into A round stock. These include Ron Conway, Jeff Clavier, Claudio Chiuchiarelli, Frank Caufield Jr., RSS Investors, Millenium Technology Ventures, Michael Tanne, Auren Hoffman, Sam Perry, Bill McCabe and Louis Monier.

Since its launch in March 2006 edgeio has successfully become a significant player in the rapidly growing infrastructure for online listings. It has become an essential service to many vendors, across many verticals in many countries, who use it as a part of their strategy for distributing listings and catalogs to attract more customers.

edgeio has over 3000 publishers who upload their listings via its edgedirect service. These include key players in the jobs, autos, real estate, leisure and other sectors. Many bloggers are publishing listings to their blog and having them automatically entered into edgeio through the use of the “listing tag�?. edgeio is also a featured distribution channel for many sites offering to help distribute listings, such as VFlyer, Postlets, the Point2 network and others. Beyond distributing uploaded listings, edgeio brings together content in real time from partners such as eBay, Amazon and CafePress, creating the world’s largest search engine for listings at edgeio.com.

“Our goal is to bring together all of the world’s marketplaces, to organize them vertically and geographically, and then to make this enormous inventory of catalogs available, through a single interface, to those who would like to take these listings and create new online marketplaces,”

said Keith Teare, Chief Executive Officer and founder at edgeio.

Since launching six months ago edgeio now has more than 100 million listings in many verticals, (about 700,000 new each day). These come from over 14,000 cities in 130 countries. By being an aggregator of such a large number of listings edgeio.com can become a serious search engine for jobs, homes, cars and many other items, and can send significant amounts of traffic back to the original publisher.

The company also announced today that it has launched a Chinese language version of its web site named mulu100.com (which in Chinese means catalog of catalogs). The Chinese service has initially formed a partnership with edeng.cn, a China based listings site, similar in many ways to craigslist.com.

“Chinese listings began to appear on edgeio within a few days of us launching. And we saw Chinese searches on our data grow significantly during the summer,”

said Keith Teare.

“We decided that the Chinese market would be our first localized site and we now have a significant number of listings from all over the country. That is why we have launched mulu100.com as a fully Chinese front end to the edgeio data. edeng has significantly expanded our ability to include China based listings and proven to be a great initial partner.”

edgeio corporation also announced that it has filed for patents covering its distributed marketplaces architecture and many of the features of edgeio.com. The patent claims were provisionally filed in October 2005 and have now been completed as full filings.

About edgeio corporation:

edgeio is a a leader in online listings. Its vision is to bring together, organize and distribute the world’s marketplaces. Products include edgedirect, edgeio.com and mulu100.com. edgeio is based in Menlo Park, California and was founded in 2005 by Keith Teare, its Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, and Michael Arrington, a member of its board of directors. For more information see http://www.edgeio.com.

About Intel Capital:

Intel Capital, Intel’s venture capital organization, makes equity investments in innovative technology start-ups and companies worldwide. Intel Capital invests in a broad range of companies offering hardware, software and services targeting enterprise, home, mobility, health, consumer Internet and semiconductor manufacturing. Since 1991, Intel Capital has invested more than US$6 billion in nearly 1,000 companies in more than 40 countries. In that time, about 180 portfolio companies have been acquired by other companies and another 155 have gone public on various exchanges around the world. In 2005, Intel Capital invested about US$265 million in about 140 deals with approximately 60 percent of funds invested outside the United States. For more information on Intel Capital and its differentiated advantages, visit www.intelcapital.com.

About Transcosmos Investments & Business Development, Inc.

Transcosmos Investments & Business Development, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Transcosmos, Inc. With offices in Bellevue, Wash., and Mountain View, Calif., Transcosmos Investments & Business Development is a strategic corporate investor and an active local business partner for Internet-based U.S. technology companies expanding into the Japanese marketplace. It is the international partner-of-choice, offering capitalization of joint ventures, infrastructure development, strategic relationships, staffing and localization to companies in the U.S. technology sector – effectively creating a pipeline of technological information to Japan. Transcosmos Investments’ portfolios, which focus on companies specializing in digital marketing, e-commerce and digital media, include such marquee brand names as AskJeeves, Inc./Bloglines, DoubleClick Inc., RealNetworks Inc., NetRatings Inc., Atom Shockwave, Inc., Become Inc. and CinemaNow, Inc. For more information, please visit: http://www.transcosmos.com.

GData and Open Standards

Last week Google introduced GData to “provide a simple standard protocol for reading and writing data on the web”. Based on ATOM 1.0 and RSS 2.0, this represents a significant step for Google towards adopting standard protocols that may one day open more of their applications to 3rd party development. At edgeio, we believe transparent access to data is a fundamental principle for all modern web applications to follow, especially when those applications republish content from 3rd parties.

We are especially interested in how GData will change the way people publish large datasets to Google Base. Since launching in February, edgeio has resisted numerous requests to support one of the many proprietary CSV file formats commonly used to transfer online commerce data. We firmly believe that the future is in standardized transport formats like RSS and Google’s move is a strong indication that others agree.

While we applaud Google’s move towards RSS, like Richard MacManus, we wonder why Google has not embraced semantic formats already developed by the Internet standard community. The GData specification, introduces us to the Google namespace and elements that handle contacts, location, events, etc. Yet these are already described by hCard, hCalendar, and various RDF elements like geo . In fact, Google may have taken a step backwards by defining things like gd:postalAddress which have no structure compared to existing formats. The Google approach works when you have a comprehensive geo coder and the necessary maintenance, but where does that leave smaller development organizations?

At edgeio we hope to see open standards prevail for both data transport and semantics. Like most modern web services, we rely heavily on RSS and ATOM for data acquisition and distribution. In future releases of edgeio we will be introducing more extensive support for microformats and, of course, encouraging the development of new formats like hListing.

edgeio announces support for YouTube, Google Video, Skype and PayPal!

We are announcing support for YouTube, Google Video, Skype and PayPal on edgeio. I have been having great fun playing with my new Sanyo Xacti HD-1 camera. The screen shot below shows an edgeio posting that contains a YouTube video (Google Video works also).

YouTube and edgeio with Skype and PayPal

The real listing is here.

As of today you can come and do this yourself on edgeio. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Make a movie of the item you are selling, or want.
2. Upload it to YouTube or Google Video.
3. Click on “Create Listing” on www.edgeio.com.
4. Past in the code for your YouTube or Google Video.
5. Add code snippets for PayPal or Skype or both.
6. Publish your edgeio listing.

Cool stuff if I say so myself :-).

We will build in more explicit support to pick videos from your YouTube uploads and to pick Skype or PayPal buttons in future versions of edgeio.

Have fun, can’t wait to see the results.

New edgeio features to be launched tonight

Later tonight we will be releasing a new version of the edgeio web site. It has a number of new features that we are really excited about. The new site should go live sometime after midnight Pacific time.

1. The ability to post an item for sale directly onto the edgeio web site. No blog needed. When you do this for the first time you will be asked to choose a login and password. On subsequent visits you will be able to post instantly. This is in effect giving you a listings blog hosted by edgeio. In the future we want to consistently add features to this blog platform. Some we already know about (the ability to skin your blog for example). Others we want to hear from you about. feedback@edgeio.com is the place to send product feature requests.

2. The ability to add posts from your blog to edgeio without tagging your posts in advance. To accomplish this simply put your URL in edgeio’s home page and click “get listings”. We will retrieve all recent posts from your blog and you can select which ones to add to edgeio.

3. Tagclouds for cities and for items. Click on the number of cities on the edgeio home page to see the most popular cities on edgeio. After 2 weeks we have around 1200 cities with listings. This grows by about 300 cities a week. We expect to be at 10,000 cities this year. To see category clouds just click on the “more” at the end of each category list on the home page.

4. Advice for power users about how to automate edgeio listings via their RSS feed. We decribe the “edgeio control language” or ECL. This is a means of using tags to tell edgeio a lot about your listing and helps ensure it is listed in the correct cities, and for the correct categories. Over time ECL will evolve into a rich control language for power listers. This is a link from the top of the new edgeio home page.
Rob Hof has written a piece on the new features. We will add more links here as they are published.

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