edgeio has gone live

Just a heads up to those of you who have been helping us during the preview phase of edgeio.

Tonight (Sunday 26 Febrary 2006) at midnight Pacific time we removed the password from edgeio and it is available, worldwide, for all users.

Om Malik was the first to post about this.

If you were part of the preview, many thanks for your help. No doubt we will learn a lot more as the publisher and user numbers grow. We’re all as grateful to you as we could be. Oh, and we are as excited as hell :-).

Mike is in the air on his way back from vacation. Nice big surprise when he lands 🙂

We’ll post more later.

Edgeio Invitation Codes

We have started to send invitation codes to people who have requested notification of the service launch on edgeio.com. If you’ve entered your email address, an invitation code will probably be coming soon.

Reviews are starting to come in:

Tom Raftery

AMCP Tech Blog

White African

Update (From Keith Teare)

There are so many posts now that it is pretty hard to list them all. So here are 2 links that should help you scoop up pretty much all of them:

Memeorandum Thread of Jeff Jarvis’ post (Hey Jeff, you forgot about me – Keith 🙂 )
Technorati search on “edgeio”

Feel free to leave a comment or a trackback under here if you have a post.

Edgeio is Hiring!

Great feedback on edgeio is pouring in and we are doing our best to build a team that can quickly react to your suggestions and the inevitable bugs :). That means growing the team and our next priority hire is an experienced systems engineer who can help us scale the service. If you, or someone you know, are a good fit please send your resume to jobs@edgeio.com.

Linux / MySQL Systems Engineer and Administrator

Required Skills:

• 3-4 years experience running large scale web and database applications
• Thorough understanding of how to architect a system for scalability and reliability
• Experience administering and deploying redundant MySQL databases
• Understanding of basic network security principles
• Ability to build and operate real-time application monitoring tools

Job Description:

• Define policies and procedures for deploying software to the production environment
• Update and deploy software to production and development environments
• Implement monitoring system to guarantee uptime and performance requirements
• Troubleshoot and rapidly resolve issues in the production system