Six Weeks of Classified Boards

We launched edgeio classified boards in early March. Since then more than 700 web sites have started boards. Of those about 580 are free boards with no listing fee. More than 120 are paid boards with a listing fee.

Classified boards

The most prominent is clearly TechCrunch’s “CrunchBoard” but there are many more. Check out some of them:

Web 2.0 for sale – – a stand alone classified board for welling Web 2.0 related items, domains, companies even.

ContentSutra – – Rafat Ali’s Indian site focusing on the sub-continent’s technology news. Jobs Board.

Infoworld’s IT Exchange – – IDG’s Infoworld publication. B2B Services board.

InsideCG – – Inside Computer Graphics Job Board.

OpenCoffeeClub – – Saul Klein’s Open Coffee Club Social Network for Entreprenuers. Jobs Board.

It seems pretty clear that classifieds are a wonderful advertising complement to social media. Highly focused readerships are very valuable to listers. A classified board gives an advertiser a wonderful way to influence those readers. The eCPM’s on Crunchboard during the first month of it’s life with edgeio have been very significant.

Now that Goolge has acquired DoubleClick we believe that classified advertising – as a platform for delivering revenue to web site owners – is the next big revenue driver on the Internet. Our first six weeks make us even more sure than previously that this is true.

Published by Keith Teare

I am ceo and a founder of edgeio.

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