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Press Release

edgeio launches Classified Boards, the first application of its new marketplaces platform and a major partnership with AdStar.
Palo Alto, CA February 20, 2007

edgeio, the company that brings together, searches and distributes the world’s listings, today launched edgeio Classified Boards (http://marketplaces.edgeio.com) a service enabling bloggers and website owners to add their own classified section to their site.

With edgeio Classified Boards, owners can create any type of classified listing board from jobs to autos to housing, anything they can think of. Through user generated listings, site owners can increase their value and maximize their revenue. edgeio provides payment processing, affiliate management, hosting, customization tools and tools for enabling networks of classified boards to emerge.

Keith Teare, CEO and co-founder of edgeio said:

“The edgeio marketplaces platform, and its first application – Classified Boards, enables any web site to create a free classifieds board, and to take listings into it – either in return for a fee or for free. This should make it possible for web sites to do what newspapers and magazines have done for hundreds of years – make revenue from classified listings alongside their revenue for advertising.”

An edgeio classified board is free to set up for any web site owner. The board can accept free listings or fee based listings. In the case of fee based listings the owner sets the price, and also defines a revenue share percentage for affiliates. edgeio takes 20% of any revenues produced by the fee based boards.

As well as announcing the launch of the marketplaces platform and classified listings boards, edgeio also announced a partnership with AdStar (NASDAQ: ADST). AdStar’s transaction infrastructure powers online classified ad sales for more than 100 of the largest newspapers in the United States, and a growing number of other online and print media companies. edgeio’s partnership with AdStar enables these newspapers as well as newspapers who do not currently work with AdStar to have the option to become part of the edgeio Classified Boards network. A person wishing to list on a blog in say San Francisco can also decide whether to list in local participating newspapers. This partnership will ultimately make newspapers and web sites part of a common classifieds ecosystem. This service is expected to be available to newspapers early in the second quarter of 2007.

“Our partnership demonstrates one more way in which we can implement our Web-based ad transaction technology to further extend advertising opportunities for advertisers around the world, while also providing newspaper publishers with a new source of classified ad revenue. Advertisers still recognize the power of advertising in their local newspapers, and newspapers continue to search for ways to further extend their online reach and generate online revenues. Together, edgeio and AdStar can help both advertisers and newspapers meet their objectives,”

says Leslie Bernhard, president and chief executive officer of AdStar, Inc.

About edgeio
edgeio is a leader in online listings. The company’s vision is to bring together, search and distribute the world’s listings. Products include edge-direct, edgeio.com (and its Chinese sister site mulu100.com) and edgeio marketplaces. edgeio is based in Palo Alto, Calif. and was founded in 2005 by Keith Teare, the company’s chairman of the board and chief executive officer, and Michael Arrington, a member of edgeio’s board of directors. For more information see http://www.edgeio.com/

About AdStar, Inc.
AdStar, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADST – News) is the leading provider of e-commerce transaction software and services for the advertising and publishing industries. AdStar’s proprietary suite of e-commerce services includes remote ad entry software and web-based ad transaction services, as well as payment processing and content processing solutions that are provided through its Edgil Associates subsidiary, the industry’s largest supplier of automated payment processing services. AdStar’s ad transaction infrastructure powers classified ad sales for more than 100 of the largest newspapers in the United States, and a growing number of other online and print media companies. EdgCapture, Edgil’s automated payment process solution, is currently employed by call centers at more than 100 of the nation’s leading newspaper and magazines. AdStar is headquartered in Marina del Rey, Calif., and its Edgil office is located in Billerica, Mass. For additional information on AdStar, Inc., visit www.adstar.com.

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