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edgeio launched its China website http://www.mulu100.com this October. Why mulu100?

edgeio has ambition in China’s market since its launch. When I talked to Keith this May, I found that Keith is familiar with China. And most important of all, he is very interested in China’s internet market (Keith went to Beijing during his realnames dream). After I visited edgeio’s Menlo Park office twice on behalf of one of the craigslist-wannabe in China – http://www.edeng.cn (a startup I run with my ex-Siebel coworker, Yan Ma), I started getting interested in edgeio’s distributed world of classifieds. Soon edgeio and edeng became partners and edeng became the first listing provider from Chinese classifieds market to edgeio.

When Matt mentioned the Chinese version of edgeio, I thought it will be a nightmare for most Chinese users – at least the website name: edge-io. Actually I am surprised that Matt spoke out the word “ed-geio” rather than “edge-I-O” when we first met. “Use a different domain name for god’s sake,” I said. Well, this is blog – I actually did not say “for god’s sake”. Yes, it is TRUE that the name matters. For example, my observation is that, google will never be able to compete with baidu in Chinese’s search market simply because of the domain name. More than 80% of the internet users in China will not be able to spell g-o-o-g-l-e or g-o-o-g-o-l no matter how skyrocket high the GOOG stock is. Since edgeio is essentially a syndication of classified listings all over the web, it is becoming a giant real-time catalog for various sizes of business. Therefore, we later pick a Chinese word 目录(mulu) means “catalog”. In Chinese, 100 means 100% complete. So mulu100 becomes our favorite, which means this is a place for all the catalogs.

Nowadays the traffic from China is the second largest source of edgeio/mulu100. Based on fact that the online classifieds ads are growing dramatically in China, I expect that the traffic of mulu100 will soon take the lead.

in edgeio Beijing office

Wenzhi Lai

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  1. Naming strategy certainly matters, esp. for localization in a different culture where easy spelling and lucky numbers play a big role. 100 is a good pick.

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