edgeio acquires assets of Adaptive Real Estate Services

I am pleased to announce that edgeio has made its first acquisition. About a week ago we acquired the assets of Adaptive Real Estate Services, a company built over the past several years by father and son team Robert and Peter Meyer.

ARES, as it is known, has patiently built up relationships with Brokers and Agents in 70 of the top MLS organizations (multiple listings services) in the US. It has about 1.5m homes listed for sale in the areas it covers.

As we integrate ARES into the edgeio platform it will be possible for users of edgeio.com, and partners of edgedirect to show these 1.5 million homes in search results.

The key advance ARES made is that it automates the inclusion of listings via the IDX protocol used by MLS organizations. This is painstaking work as few MLS organizations share common data structures with others. ARES also provides automated web sites for brokers and agents wanting them.

Peter and Robert will introduce themselves on this site over the coming weeks. For now we are pleased to have them on the team and we look forward to helping them serve home sellers and buyers by turning the real estate listings service in edgeio into a major asset for each.

Our goal is “to bring together, organize and distribute the world’s marketplaces”. As part of this we want edgeio.com to become a universal search engine for “stuff”. As that evolves the edgeio platform can become a major marketing vehicle for Realtors. We will be talking more about our goals at the GMAC event in Florida in February 2007.

In the meantime, if you are a broker, an MLS, an agent or indeed a home buyer or seller, please feel free to email Robert Meyer for more information about how he can help you. He is [Robert at edgeio dot com].


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Welcome to Techmeme Readers

edgeio is advertising on Techmeme for a month from November 27th. So, if you are a Techmeme reader and new to edgeio thanks for coming to check us out. Click here to read this initial post in full, or here to subscribe to our RSS feed.

edgeio is a new kind of search engine. Instead of indexing web pages we index actual items or listings from web sites that are in one of the many listings based businesses. These may be job sites, real estate sites, sites for buying and selling cars, classified listings sites, sites like eBay and Amazon which sell general merchandise, and even blogs where the owner lists items using the tag “listing”. Sites with listings submit their listings to edgeio (we don’t scrape or crawl listings unless the publisher requests that we take them). Since our site launched in March of this year we have reached some great milestones.

– We have gone from zero to over 100 million live listings
– We have gone from listings in 1 city to listings in over 15,000 cities
– We have launched a Chinese language web site at http://www.mulu100.com
– We have integrated real time search from Amazon, eBay and CafePress into our edgeio.com search engine.
– We have changed from a founder funded company into one with over $5m of angel and venture funding.
– We have grown our team from 1 engineer, 1 product manager and 2 founders to over 20 staff (mainly engineers, some in Beijing, China).

Our vision is to bring together, organize and distribute the worlds marketplaces . This will take a few more months, and probably even years, of execution but we are very clear about the goal. To that end we want to turn edgeio.com into the best place to find “stuff” from our listing partners (jobs, cars, homes, books, bicycles, babysitters, friends) anywhere in the world. We want edgedirect to become an easy to use platform for partners of all types to get their “stuff” into the edgeio engine and so benefit from the traffic we and our distributors can send back to them. We want to provide many means for third parties to become edgeio distribution partners, taking listings and earning revenue through re-publishing them.

During the next 2 months we will be rolling our several new services. Pretty shortly edgeio.com will move from having a time based search ranking system (last in show first) to a pure relevance based system. Secondly, we will launch edgeio marketplaces in beta (more details to come at the appropriate time). We will develop more ways for listings sites to use edgedirect to upload their stuff into edgeio. We will also enable a greater range of methods for third parties to take listings from edgeio and re-publish them.

During our month on Techmeme we will use this blog to introduce you to some of these new services, and to introduce the people behind the scenes who are now part of the edgeio team.

The next post (later this week) will be news of our first acquisition.