Facebook launches Social Bookmarking, edgeio participates

Last night Facebook announced that it has launched “Share”, a social bookmarking infrastructure. Blog post here. Reuters coverage here

edgeio is a launch partner for share. You will notice that there are some new elements in two places.

Firstly on the search results page at edgeio.com.

Search Results with Share

And secondly on the item detail page

item detail with share

In both cases we have also added del.icio.us; digg and wink buttons.

This should be a great tool if you are looking for something and find multiple options. You can save the ones you are interested in and then use the saved items as your shortlist of things you are interested in.

Let us know if you like it.

feedback can be sent here


Venturebeat – here
Mashable – here
Inside Facebook – here

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I am ceo and a founder of edgeio.

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