A busy week at edgeio

I wanted to give a status report on our first week from a product development 
point of view. First, it’s been a busy first week at edgeio. Since launch, over 
5,000 items have been published from more than 1,400 cities. While this is great
 news, things did not go smoothly for many people who wanted their items 
listed. In the world of RSS, ping servers, tagging, and claiming blogs 
there are numerous quirks that we did not encounter during our beta
 tests. So, we have learned a lot. We are now addressing known issues as 
quickly as possible. While mostly under-the-covers, we’ve been launching updates 
to the edgeio service on almost a daily basis since and plan to continue that 
pace of improvement until publishing on edgeio is easy for everyone.

 In addition to fixing bugs, we are also trying to answer the question,
 “what if I don’t know how to tag and I am not sure if my website 
notifies a ping server?”. Stay tuned for the answer which should be
 coming within the week. If you have specific issues please send feedback to feedback@edgeio.com. We 
read everything and learn from it.

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