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There’s been quite a discussion about edgeio over the last few days since we launched, with lots of great posts on both sides of the aisle:

The Good:

Jeremy Zawodny writes “I really, really, really believe that few companies have begun to grasp how this new reality changes the landscape they’re used to controlling. I saw Edgeio as one of the first companies to get this.

Jeff Jarvis says “This is just a start but it is a proof of concept of a new world. I’ve been waiting for someone to do this.”

The Bad:

Joe Hunkins thinks edgeio will ultimately fail. “So how can this fail? Easy. People don’t see the small fees at EBAY as a barrier to listing. It’s the technology that is the barrier and unless Edgeio can build a MUCH better than current site that consolidates *existing* listings into a free format I don’t see this lasting more than a year or so. I actually hope I’m wrong, because Mashups like Edgeio are a nice innovative way to restructure the web.”

In a beautifully written piece, Nick Carr says “Edgeio, the much-hyped Web 2.0 tag-sale site, has only been live for a few hours, but it’s already wearing a corpselike look.” He also calls TechCrunch a “Web 2.0 brothel”.

And finally, Techdirt says “The concept is interesting, and it could have some potential over time if a big enough community can be built up and additional services/features are added. However, initially… what problem is it solving?”

The Just Plain Cool:

Dan Farber has a terrific idea: Create a Mashup of Ether and Edgeio. Ether provides the infrastructure to allow people to charge for their phone time, Edgeio provides the promotion. Great idea. “Here’s the mashup: post listings for services delivered over the phone on your blog, Edgeio aggregates them. On blog pages and Edgeio listing pages, Ether’s phone service and pay-per-call time billing service is embedded. More frictionless commerce…”

While we love praise, we also recognize the value in criticism and appreciate the time people are taking to write their thoughts down.

One issue that is brought up a lot is around spam. We’ve created an open system to aggregate edge content and that creates certain…incentives…for people to spam the edgeio service. We think we can control the problem, although we understand it will be a constant battle.

Another issue is whether edgeio will be usable by people who don’t understand RSS, tagging and other blogging-centric protocols. Yes, we agree. We are purposefully reaching out right now to people who do understand what these things are, and will be releasing new tools and products in the next month to help those that don’t want to deal with these protocols to still have a rich interaction with edgeio.

Matt Kaufman, who is Director of Product at edgeio, discusses both issues in detail here.

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  1. Just read about edgio off the meebo blog and I’ve got to say I’m floored. Have your negative reviewers used your location system (type in a city and you can zoom the range in and out)? I’m scratching my head over how you guys did that, but I guess I’ll never know until I try it myself 🙂
    BTW congrats on such a solid launch. You’ve only been up for 4-5 days and you seem to be the talk of the town. How did you guys do it?

  2. Kudos for posting detracting comments right out of the gate. You’ve got a super team and therefore can overcome many – perhaps all – obstacles to the creation of community and huge readership required in the classifieds niche. II’m not betting on Edgeio yet but I willl be *rooting* for you.

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