edgeio has gone live

Just a heads up to those of you who have been helping us during the preview phase of edgeio.

Tonight (Sunday 26 Febrary 2006) at midnight Pacific time we removed the password from edgeio and it is available, worldwide, for all users.

Om Malik was the first to post about this.

If you were part of the preview, many thanks for your help. No doubt we will learn a lot more as the publisher and user numbers grow. We’re all as grateful to you as we could be. Oh, and we are as excited as hell :-).

Mike is in the air on his way back from vacation. Nice big surprise when he lands 🙂

We’ll post more later.

Published by Keith Teare

I am ceo and a founder of edgeio.

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  3. Registering successfully sends you back to the registration page.

    Claiming a site (running Drupal in this case) by XMLRPC results in a cryptic API error message.

    And if you think I’m going to edit templates to put a tracking code on a half-dozen websites, you’re seriously barking up the wrong tree. What’s wrong with Technorati’s way?

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