Edgeio Invitation Codes

We have started to send invitation codes to people who have requested notification of the service launch on edgeio.com. If you’ve entered your email address, an invitation code will probably be coming soon.

Reviews are starting to come in:

Tom Raftery

AMCP Tech Blog

White African

Update (From Keith Teare)

There are so many posts now that it is pretty hard to list them all. So here are 2 links that should help you scoop up pretty much all of them:

Memeorandum Thread of Jeff Jarvis’ post (Hey Jeff, you forgot about me – Keith 🙂 )
Technorati search on “edgeio”

Feel free to leave a comment or a trackback under here if you have a post.

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  3. Hi guys,

    thanks for the link. I noted a couple of issues I had with edgeio in the comments of my post as did some of my readers – it might be worthwhile going back and looking over them (if you haven’t already).



  4. First, as you know from my review, I like Edgeio alot. The usability is just awesome, and the use of AJAX is perfect where it’s used.

    My question is what do you plan on doing once a listing has been sold? Does it remain active in Edgeio, or does it fade out over time? I know I probably wouldn’t go back and remove the “article/listing” from my blog.

  5. hash,

    We leave the items in edgeio but as all results are listed in reverse chronological order (newest first) they degrade naturally over time. You, as the publisher, can go into your “My Edgeio” area and tell us to remove them.

  6. if implemented to its full potential, edgeio could spell big trouble to the evil-is-as-evil-does gang at GOOG. i’m super excited to have a chance to be involved this early in the program. my initial experience includes several difficulties. this account is specific to a BLOGGER blog, not hosted on blogspot. first, i think the instructions on claiming a blog and then creating links need to much more dumbed down. i make a living helping LOTS of people even more retarded than myself, so if it’s a little tough for me, it will be impossible for many. once i did successfully claim my blog, it showed up as “unknown” on MyEdgeio. I made a test post glowing about Edgeio and including a several formats of test listings, to see if I could figure out the magic combination to get them to show up on Edgeio. None have worked, to date. Went back to MyEdgeio and explicitly pinged my site for updates, still no listings appearing on MyEdgeio. Also, I could not get the edgeio banner to display on my site unless I uncommented the javascript tags. Finally, in Firefox, whenever I click on an item in any edgeio banner on any site, the link opens up INSIDE the little banner box, unless I middle-click, in which case the link opens in a new tab. Hope the short laundry list helps. Happy to continue testing and feedback from this single perspective. Thanks for all the hard work and a VERY COMPELLING new service idea!

  7. Here’s part of what I wrote about edgeio yesterday:

    edgeio: Classifieds, and a hope for distributed community

    …Behind the simplicity of this difference lurks another tremendous benefit: identity. When I create an item from my homepage, it is originating from my virtual “home” online, rather than from a username with no easily identifiable connection to its owner. Edgeio’s innovative approach to this identity system is not by accident, either. Updating your profile on the site allows you to specificy your Flickr, eBay, and LinkedIn ID’s, suggesting they plan to make identity a top priority on their service. Even it if was merely a focus, it would be a powerful step in the right direction…

  8. hash,
    New as of today is that we’ve added provisional support for the “dtexpired” class from the hlisting microformat draft: http://www.microformats.org/wiki/hlisting-proposal

    That allows anyone to expire their posts either at a specific time in the future, or “immediately” by setting the expired time in the past and ping’ing us.

    (We’re not checking if it’s a full hlisting, just looking for the dtexpired bit for now, and this is also with the caveat that there may be changes if the hlisting proposal changes)

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