Dan Farber Talks About Edgeio

ZDNet Editor In Chief Dan Farber saw a demo of edgeio at the Naked Conversations TechCrunch party on Friday night, and wrote some very nice things about the product.

From “TechCrunch leads Silicon Valley Web renaissance“:

Besides the shmoozing, I was given a personal tour of Edgeio, the startup founded by TechCrunch Mike and Keith Teare (at left below). It was written up recently by Rob Hof and has been hyped in the blogosphere, but my tour–led by Matt Kaufman (right), Edgeio product manager, and Vidar Hokstad, director of engineering–of the beta site left me with the impression that they have come up with a simple and elegant twist on the listings/classified business. The service aggregates listings from RSS-based Web pages–post listings on your blog and Edgeio indexes and organizes them on its site.

Edgeio is targeting early adopters out of the gate, bloggers who have some familiarity with ping servers, claiming blogs, RSS and tagging, Kaufman told me. Users who register can also add more metadata to their listings and the company is building tagging plug-ins/widgets for adding more structure (Edgeio will support structured blogging standards as they emerge). Later on Edgeio will provide some tools and Web forms to help less sophisticated users take advantage of the system, Kaufman said. Edgeio doesn’t plan to participate in transactions, Kaufman said, and will generate revenue via contextual ads, listing enhancement (bolding) fees and paid placement (a publisher/lister pays 25 cents to stay at the top of the heap) and auctions in the future as the service ramps up the number of listings.

Keith and Mike plan to launch the service at PC Forum next month. Will Edgeio be one of the Web 2.0 survivors? That’s difficult to say, but at least Edgeio has a simple and clear proposition, which is far more than many of the Web 2.0 companies still fumbling for a definition, differentiation and a business model.

Bonus Link: Check out Tom Raftery’s edgeio review here.

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