Edgeio is Hiring!

Great feedback on edgeio is pouring in and we are doing our best to build a team that can quickly react to your suggestions and the inevitable bugs :). That means growing the team and our next priority hire is an experienced systems engineer who can help us scale the service. If you, or someone you know, are a good fit please send your resume to jobs@edgeio.com.

Linux / MySQL Systems Engineer and Administrator

Required Skills:

• 3-4 years experience running large scale web and database applications
• Thorough understanding of how to architect a system for scalability and reliability
• Experience administering and deploying redundant MySQL databases
• Understanding of basic network security principles
• Ability to build and operate real-time application monitoring tools

Job Description:

• Define policies and procedures for deploying software to the production environment
• Update and deploy software to production and development environments
• Implement monitoring system to guarantee uptime and performance requirements
• Troubleshoot and rapidly resolve issues in the production system

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  1. After a day of testing, I think Edgio is GREAT!!! However, another issue that I would like you to address (in addition to thos mentioned in this post) is how you will help buyer to measure the reputation of the sellers. Will there be an ebay-like feedback rating?

  2. Alan-

    Thanks for trying things out! I agree that reputation is an important part of any marketplace and that it helps build community which is something I am especially interested in. That said, we are working on ways for people to leave feedback on sellers (or, as I would like to call them – publishers). It’s not that far off and I look forward to hearing feedback once it launches.


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