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There’s more discussion on edgeio today, including great posts by Phil Sim, Pete Cashmore, David Parmet, Alex Moskalyuk, Michael Wales, TheLastPodcast, Russel Reno, SuperAff, Brian Oberkirtch, LikeItMatters and Luca Mearelli.

Thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to say what they like and dislike about our idea. Either way, we appreciate your time and feedback.

There are three key things people bring up when questioning whether or not edgeio will be successful.

1. Will bloggers want to post classified listings on blogs?

2. How to deal with the inevitable spam onslaught?

3. Assuming 1 & 2 are overcome, what stops everyone from entering the market?

I’ll be posting our thoughts on these questions as we march toward launch.

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  1. I read the post of Bill Burnham about Edgeio where he writes that you crawl already 26 Mio blogs to collect listings.

    Check it at

    My understandin: I see it as a big waste to crawl 26 millions to only extract object listings on them. (…even in the era of free bandwidth/storage/cpu)

    Personnally, I don’t try to sell things everyday so a listing would appear only once in a long while on my personal blog

    Inbetween Edgeio would accumulate tons of useless posts for its listing purpose.

    Do I miss something?


  2. Will everyone trying to sell something have to create a temporary blog or will there be regional (zip code) flea market blogs where one can post their product for sale?

  3. Hi Fred, The idea is that bloggers will let us know directly or via gestures the appropriate geography for any particular listing. We include 3.5 million locations in our database, and each location has a latitude and longitude associated with it. No need for temporary blogs…this will make sense when we launch.

  4. As I mentioned in my article on Edgeio, I am curious as to whether Edgeio will be using NLP, tags, syntax, in order to determine certain info about a listing.

    How will edgeio know I am selling an automobile (Mitsubishi Motors vs. Mitsubishi Electric), when my listing should begin/end, how to contact me for purchase, etc?

    Will Edgeio be nothing more than spidering and linking to the blogger’s post? If not, how will this content be reflected on Edgeio in a intuitive manner (rather than just a mirror of the post)?

  5. After a day of testing, using the wordpress website, I think Edgeio is GREAT!!! However, another issue that I would like you to address (in addition to those mentioned in this post) is how you will help buyers to measure the reputation of the sellers. Will there be an eBay-like feedback rating?

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