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Edgeio is all about edge publishing. It is our belief that services that try to restrict how users create and consume information cannot ultimately be successful. Users own their data, and services exist not to silo that data, but rather to add value to it. That is what Edgeio is setting out to do.

We will be focusing on classified listings of any type to start.

Blogs and other websites syndicating their content through RSS are an ideal place to post classified listings. Not only is the publisher in complete control of the content (what to include, when to change or update it, when to delete it and how to synidcate it for other services), but the website itself gives valuable context to readers of the listing. Unlike anonymous listing services, listings on blogs controlled by the publisher give readers an idea of who they are dealing with. That additional information is an important factor for readers in deciding if and how to interact with the publisher.

Very few blogs publish classified listings today. Most blogs have a relatively small group of readers, including friends and family, and are not able to effectively reach the larger audience needed to effectively market their listings.

That’s where edgeio comes in. We will find edge published listings if they include the category or tag “listing” within the post or content. The listings will be indexed through the blog’s RSS feed and aggregated with other “listings from the edge”. Users of the edgeio service will be able to search through listings and communicate directly with the publisher. Edgeio will also make aggregated listings available though a web service to other Internet sites and services that would like to include edge listings.

We will never attempt to silo or control publisher data, or restrict the ways that listings can be used by others.

The founders and early employees of edgeio include Keith Teare, Michael Arrington, Vidar Hokstadt, Matt Kaufman and Fred Oliveira.

Edgeio will be launching in the next few weeks. If you would like to be notified of the preview launch, please submit your email address on the main edgeio website.

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  2. I see 3 problems with edgeio:
    – Requires setting up a blog.
    – What prevents other services from harvesting the listings data?
    – And the biggest problem will be dealing with spam – anybody can set a splog with posts tagged with “listing”.

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  4. Will there be a way for people to tag a listing for test purposes only? Perhaps to be visible in a test or demo version of the edgeio site?


  5. So far….I like this a lot! Regarding user experience….will the user (blogger?) be able to add a tag on their blog entry….i.e. “premium”…next to “listing” and automagically (without going to the Edgeio site) have their preconfigured micropayment-service-funded balance with Edgeio deducted for the $.25 per day “premium listing” charge? Will that same user be able to simply remove the “premium tag” on their blog entry at will (without visiting Edgeio’s site)….to trigger Edgeio to stop the daily charges for that listing which is then converted to a “regular listing”? Will the user be able to add the tag “sold”….or “sale pending”…directly to their blog entry (again, without visiting the Edgeio site) in order to update the status of the listing on Edgeio?

  6. But isn’t the whole “edge” concept awfully jargony and dorky? Most people don’t know what the “edge” is, but still want to sell their crap. It seems like a great service, but wouldn’t it be wiser to describe it more simply? Even “listings from everyware” would be simpler to understand.

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